Saturday, January 28, 2006

Truth in Spending:

The below text was taken directly from The Center for Education Reform Website.

"Billions of dollars continue to be wasted, absorbed by layers of administration and countless regulations that serve only to stifle dynamic innovation and school-level reform. Meanwhile, calls for more money are all too well received in the face of well-documented evidence that money alone can't buy educational excellence. Throwing good new funds after bad, misspent funds is bad policy. And while many systems are inequitable the fault — and source of rectifying this lies with who controls the purse strings." David A. DeSchryver, Policy Analyst

Spending more will not solve our public school problems. We must continue to vote down all increased funding to school districts until our legislators truly reform our public education system. Vote no on all education referenda March 21st demand accountability and the spending problem will resolve itself. To view the rest of the article above click here.

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Lennie said...

Absolutely vote NO! We have to empty the feed trough until the education establishment understands the public is demanding education and not bureaucracy.