Friday, August 04, 2006

Ann Coulter on Teachers - Holland new D - 50 principal hints at referendum.

Ann Coulter on public school teachers....."In real life, these taxpayer-supported parasites are inculcating students in the precepts of the Socialist Party of America-as understood by retarded people."

The above quote appears in Ann Coulter's book The Church of Liberalism Godless.
Chapter 6 titled, "The Liberal Priesthood: Spare The Rod, Spoil The Teacher" is a must read for all before supporting a referendum or for those education reform minded individuals.

Debbie Holland is the new principal for District 50. In today's Northwest Herald Ms. Holland hopes to help pass a referendum. As stated in the NWH today. "Debbie Holland said she hopes that, as the new Central School principal and district assessment coordinator, she will be able to help the district pass a referendum. " The article goes on to say, "I'd like to see us have a good reputation in the community when that whole thought process of, 'Do we want to give our schools more money?' comes up," she said, referring to school tax referendums, which have failed in District 50 six times since the 1990s.

Ms. Holland's contract pending approval calls for a salary of $69,230 dollars, plus benefits and $6847 toward her teacher retirement pension fund.

To the school board and Ms. Holland. Harvard has told you at least 6 times no to a referendum. Clearly any money you have is spent on salaries for retired superintendents working part-time receiving a salary while still receiving a pension and hiring a public relations person instead of buying new text books. You would not need a public relations person if the board would spend money wisely, listen to the voters that have said no time and time again and take a real look at the economics of the community and the people you serve. Economics 101 would go a long way with District 50 board and employees.

Harvard beware they do not understand the meaning of no they will keep cramming referenda down our throats until Harvard passes a referendum.

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