Friday, July 28, 2006

Monies contributed to the Advance 300 group.

Thanks to our friends at the Family Taxpayers Foundation
for sending us the information below. Cal Skinner's blog McHenry County also has some great information pertaining to this same subject.

A couple of interesting notes:
·         A Pre-Election report covering 1/1/06 to 2/19/06 was required to be filed by 03/19/06.  It is therefore significant that Arndt made this contribution just a few days after 2/19/06. 
·         Another requirement during the 30 days immediately prior to the election, which in this case would be 2/20 to 3/20, is that contributions in an aggregate of more than $500 must be reported within 2 business days.  The report used to do this is called an A-1 report.  Not only did Advance 300 fail to file this report within the required time fram, they still haven’t done so.
·         Advance 300 was evidently aware of this requirement.  During the same 30-day pre-election period, they filed 11 other A-1 reports for 15 other contributions as required.  The Arndt contribution is the only one that was not reported as required.  Other A-1 reports filed were:
o        A1 filed 2/27/06  B & H Industries            Contributed $1,000 on 2/25/06
o        A1 filed 2/28/06  TWJ Associates LTD      Contributed $1,000 on 2/27/06
o        A1 filed 2/28/06  Franczek Sullivan PC     Contributed $3,000 on 2/28/06
o        A1 filed 3/1/06   Robert Arthur Land Co.   Contributed $5,000 on 2/28/06    
o        A1 filed 3/3/06   Testing Service Corp      Contributed $1,000 on 3/1/06
DRH Cambridge Homes  Contributed $10,000 on 3/2/06
o        A1 filed 3/8/06   Morganstein Sanford      Contributed $1,000 on 3/7/06
o        A1 filed 3/10/06  HPI- Elgin LLC               Contributed $5,000 on 3/10/06
PHI- Hampshire Inc        Contributed $5,000 on 3/10/06    
o        A1 filed 3/12/06  Christopher Stanton       Contributed $750 on 3/12/06
o        A1 filed 3/15/06  Brier Hil Crossing LLC    Contributed $1,000 on 3/15/06
Kimball Hill Homes         Contributed $5,000 on 3/15/06
o        A1 filed 3/17/06  Aurora Venture/Crown    Contributed $10,000 on 3/17/06
KB Home IL Inc             Contributed $20,000 on 3/17/06
o        A1 filed 3/20/06  Grand Pointe Homes Inc Contributed $2,500 on 3/20/06
·          The only In-Kind contribution received during the 30 days immediately prior to the Primary election was $500 from Aramark Corp.  This did not require an A1 report.  Isn’t Aramark the vendor whose representative was heard stating that Crates may have solicited a contribution for Advance 300 at the time that this vendor’s contract was being negotiated with D300?
·         A1s are required for aggregate contributions of over $500.  Interestingly, there were several individuals that contributed up to that limit but not over it.  They include:
o        Joseph & Lynn Cavellaro of West Dundee - $500 on 3/14/06
o        Fred Fox of Carpentersville - $500 on 3/3/06
o        Gateway Barrington of Dallas, TX  (same address as Housing Resources Co LC) - $500 on 3/3/06
o        Charles and Karen Henderson of West Dundee - $500 on 2/22/06
o        Housing Resources Co. LC of Dallas, TX (same address as Gateway Barrington) - $500 on 3/3/06
o        Schain Burney Ross & Citron Ltd of Chicago - $500 on 3/14/06
o        Nancy Zettler of Algonquin - $500 on 5/3/06  (Nancy is President of Advance300)
·         A couple of other contributions of note:
o        Chuck Bumbales, D300’s Operations Officer contributed $300 on 3/3/06
o        John Court, D300 Board President (at the time) contributed $300 on 1/28/06 (appeared on Pre-Election report)
o        Cheryl Crates, D300’s CFO contributed $450 on 2/14/06 (appeared on Pre-Election report)
o        Walter & Denise Hay of Crystal Lake contributed $450 on 2/22/06.  Walter, a D300 Asst Supt, made $122,385 in 2005.  There is a Denise Hay working for D-214 with a salary of $115,358 for 2005.
o        Marce Kersten of Crystal Lake contributed $200 on 3/14/06.  Marce is a D300 high school teacher who made $68,216 in 2005.
o        David & Jill Scarpino contributed $400 on 2/22/06.  David is also a D300 Asst Supt.  He made $135,058 in 2005.
Truly, this was a case of developers, realtors, and educrats versus the taxpayers.

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