Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Letter to the editor: Teachers not cutting it

The following letter appeared in the Northwest Herald and on Students First.

Letter to the editor: Teachers not cutting it


Northwest Herald

Why on earth does this poor child need to have tutoring if the school is adequately educating him? How can the school continually push him through?

He is in the special-education program, which should be a very individualized program, yet he is catching up with tutoring. How sad. Five grade levels in one summer.

This boy seems to be teachable, and Greg Buchanan needs to know that learning is obvious and proven, not an appearance.

As a professional, I know that true knowledge cannot be staged. If this boy is learning with a tutor and moving up in grade-level comprehension, maybe Buchanan's objective data isn't so objective.

Maybe some of the teachers are simply doing a poor job. Buchanan needs to re-evaluate the program for students who aren't succeeding.

Tutoring should be as the story states, a means to do better. No one should need tutoring to move up five grade levels.

Deborah Foster

Crystal Lake

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