Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What Can Happen If You Offer 4% Instead of 5%

I copy and pasted this post from Intercepts the BLOG for the Education Intelligence Agency. Just another example of how teachers' unions are out of control. Click on the title above to go to Mike Antonucci's BLOG on the BLOG you will find several must see links in the story that I did not place in this post.

What Can Happen If You Offer 4% Instead of 5%

This illustration of denial is brought to you by the Walnut Valley Educators Association in California.

The morning after presiding over a packed school board meeting with more than 100 union members wearing red t-shirts, four board members found their homes vandalized -- their driveways covered in red paint and with threatening notes identifying them by name.

The union is at odds with the board because contract negotiations are stalemated. The district is offering a 4 percent pay raise. The union wants 5 percent. District officials say currently 42 percent of Walnut Valley teachers make more than $69,000 annually.

"You can only assume the union is involved. It could be just an individual that's taking it to a level that has gone above and beyond what the expectation is," said board president Cindy Ruiz. "It's scary now. How do they expect us to react to this?"

Union President Jim Faren doesn't believe a teacher or union member was involved. "We didn't condone this type of activity. That's not the type of activity that we believe in," he said. Another union representative is disappointed that "the knee-jerk reaction has been that the union did it."

Really? Who else even knows all the school board members by name, never mind where they live?

Faren posted a statement on the union web site:

"The WVEA Leadership and the Negotiations Team received news on Friday, Jan 13th that the homes of four members of the Board of Education were vandalized. We are disturbed and upset that this act was directed toward members of our own district. No one in our educational community deserves to be the recipient of such behavior."

Disturbed and upset. But was he surprised? Take a look at this video the union shot of Faren's speech at the school board meeting. He is cordial and contained throughout, but at about the six-minute mark, he says this: "WVEA will continue to impress upon our members rational and positive behavior during this campaign. But what individual groups or individuals may do could be out of our control."

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