Saturday, January 21, 2006

Real results, not effort

Another great letter to the editor we need more citizens speaking up for our children and their future. Bravo!

Real results, not effort
[published on Sat, Jan 21, 2006 in the Northwest Herald]
To the Editor:

Peter Krallitsch wrote Jan. 13, "I suggest that we get back to basics and set teachers salaries based on results, not based on union demands."

Hear, hear! It's about time someone sees and says the truth.

In the "real world," there is no such thing as tenure.

In nearly every job (besides teaching), little credit is given for past results. The job world is one of, "What have you done for me lately?" Performance evaluations, pay increases, etc., are based on the most recent results.

Even if one has been an exemplary employee for 10 years and has a year with little or no effective results, that employee likely will face disciplinary action, and perhaps even lose his or her job.

Employment in the "real world" depends on results, not effort or execution.

Why should our posterity, our most cherished and important life investments, be entrusted to those unwilling to step up and prove their results?

Why should anyone be able to maintain a job, despite sinking results, simply because he or she has held a position for a given time period? It's nonsense.

I say: "Prove it. Show me the money."

John Vales

Crystal Lake

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