Monday, January 22, 2007

Much A Buzz in District 300

Last year many people put in a good fight against the District 300 referenda. Those who spoke out against the referenda were not only vilified by the press but those who supported the referenda. The truth is prevailing but much too late. The Northwest Herald is painting a great picture as why not to support or trust school districts with future referenda, but alas it is too little too late. The Northwest Herald was the only paper to encourage a yes/yes vote for the referenda. But we all know the primary reporter who blatantly supported the referenda is now working for District 300.

We suggest the following as well titled Lower enrollment might not delay D-300 request in the Northwest Herald.

If that is not convincing enough how about Growth numbers fall in D-300
Year after referendum, projection falls almost 50 percent also in the Northwest Herald.

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