Monday, September 04, 2006

The Camel’s Nose Of School Choice.

Our friend Ralf Seiffe sent us the following piece which is posted on the Illinois Reveiw Website.

The Camel’s Nose Of School Choice.

By Ralf Seiffe

Ever since I installed a TIVO on the television, I’ve been vaccinated against television advertising. Except for the old car shows that feature ads for carburetors and automobile tools that interest me, I have not watched general interest advertising for some time. Over the weekend, however, my ten-year old controlled the remote and I’m glad he did because he hasn’t yet figured out how to zip through the advertising clutter. As a consequence, we saw two important commercials. One illustrated the least common denominator approach to public policy while the other showed a path to school choice. The way to reform the schools is beginning to take form and for supporters of free markets, the news is good.

To view the full piece visit the Illinois Reveiw Website.

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