Sunday, September 24, 2006


The following piece was sent to us by a fellow tax fighter and education reformist in Bourbonnais, IL.

BBCHS Fight!

It should be very clear by now that the fight against wasteful school spending and planning is going to be done against the power of the government and the Daily Journal.

BBCHS just sent out a full-color “illegal” mailing full of one-sided information to persuade you to vote for the referendums. Paid for by you!
The Journal is doing everything but going to school and failing because of overcrowding.

We must, as taxpayers look at this logically, not as misty-eyed “anything for the children” patsies.

BBCHS has increased its total tax take by 84.1% over the last 10 years. Enrollment has grown by 28%.

They could have economized, saved money and been ready to meet what they now call a crisis.

They pay a Gym Teacher $103,000 per year. They pay their business manager $121,000 per year. The business manager retired from the position is drawing about $100,000 per year retirement and was hired back.

That’s all money that could be used for the “children”!.

This is only a small example of waste and abuse of your money, which isn’t going into reading, math, english, science, computer skills, history, geography or any other real education.

Our kids are important to the future of this country.

Too important, to allow the School Board and Administrators of BBCHS to continue making a mess of the education system in our community.

Just one more point, these people that claim to be “so” interested in the welfare of our kids have negotiated some of the most secure jobs in the country.

Safe from firing once they receive tenure. They have great retirement benefits and salaries that rival the average attorneys, doctors, architects, engineers and others that have much higher levels of education.

Ron Hansen

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