Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Newspapers not giving full details of District 158 contract.

Below is a partial post from Cal Skinner's Blog. We hope it is clear to District 158 voters that the referendum they passed two years ago was for the school employees and not the students. Shame on you who supported this referendum, which has frivolously spent your neighbors tax dollars against their wishes.

Christmas in August for Huntley Teachers

Now that teachers are learning some of the details of what's in the contract, many of them are jumping for joy.

The $4,500 "bonus" that negotiators agreed to give high school teachers for teaching a sixth class, (for work most do already) jumps to $6,750 in the 2nd year of the contract.

If a high school teacher made $45,000 last year, then this teacher would receive a 4% pay increase--$1800--plus $4,500 for teaching a 6th class.

That's a $6,300 increase or a 14% increase to $51,300.

In the year after this, their $46,800 base salary would go up by another 5%, a comfortable $2,340 increase.

But, they would also receive a $6,750 bonus for teaching a 6th class.

That would bring the total salary to $55,890.

In 2 years, the $45,000 high school teacher will be making $55,890.

That's a 24.2% pay increase.

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We also suggest you read his post on the contract titled Huntley District 158 Teachers’ Contract: Payback Time.

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