Friday, August 11, 2006

Monkey business afoot in D-300 - Monkey Business afoot at the Northwest Herald

The following piece appeared in the Northwest Herald. Allison Smith's bias continues to be all too apparent in her reporting. What a deal D - 300 has a public relations person working for the local paper without having to pay her one dime. Equally disgusting is that D - 300 and Crates think that depriving hard earned dollars from D -300 residents based on half-truths, shoddy accounting and extremely poor projections to pass the referenda is something to joke about.

Monkey business afoot in D-300

[published on Fri, Aug 11, 2006]
CARPENTERSVILLE – The first monkey memento appeared in Cheryl Crates' office a month after the School District 300 referendums passed this spring.

Someone had nailed above her computer a framed pair of drawings of Curious George, who poured dark liquid into a funnel, then keeled over as if dead. Below the drawings was a playful message typed by a prankster.

The picture was the first of several monkey items to appear unexpectedly in her Carpentersville office. The insiders' joke had grown legs – long, hairy ones.

To view the rest of this piece of useless reporting go to the Northwest Herald.

To view exceptional reporting by a journalist on education issues visit Scott Reeder's website with his series that appeared in the Small Newspaper Group newspapers.

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