Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Education Intelligence Agency

I just want to remind people of a great resource the Education Intelligence Agency.
Below is the partial posting for the Communique for August 14, 2006 ,to view the full Communique visit the the Education Intelligence Agency website.
The full Communique is a must read for all taxpayers (that is everyone) and parents.

The Story Thus Far. I realize not all of you travel over to Intercepts during the week for the latest, so allow me to quickly recap.

Since last week's communiqu̩ revealed the contents of AFT's communications audit and a number of audio files of interviews with AFT staffers, there has been widespread action and inaction Рdepending on where you sit and who you are. Inside AFT headquarters, there has been a lot of activity, not only as a response to EIA's story, but as a response to the recommendations of the audit itself. Personnel changes have been made, which EIA will report once they are confirmed.

Outside of headquarters, however, AFT has been silent. Not a single official or semi-official word has been uttered publicly. AFT's web sites and listservs merrily pretend everything's normal, which is either an indication that union officers hope the whole thing will dry up on its own, or they aren't yet primed to release a response. The media, for their part, don't seem to quite know what to do with it. If I remember correctly, the Kamber report didn't get a whole lot of mainstream press in 1997, either. The education blogosphere has been quicker, but still tentative.

Meanwhile, CleverSpin tried to cover all the bases by claiming it had notified the FBI and "state and federal law enforcement officials," while at the same time demanding, under threat of legal action, that EIA destroy the evidence (the audio files) those officials would undoubtedly want to see. Happily, EIA was able to quickly retain top-notch legal representation to attend to any harassment on that front.

Rumors, witch hunts and conspiracy theories are running rampant, all for naught, since AFT officials already know how I obtained these materials – because I told them, one hour before releasing the report last Monday.

Where it goes next, nobody knows, but EIA is ready for anything.

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