Wednesday, August 30, 2006

District 300 Hires Northwest Herald’s Allison Smith to Run Public Relations

Cal Skinner has a great piece on his Blog about Allison Smith. Allison Smith was a Northwest Herald reporter who is now the District 300 public relations person. Ms. Smith has been biased towards the education establishment and referenda throughout her reporting career at the Northwest Herald. When reading future reports in our local newspapers supporting referenda keep this story in the back of your mind. How many other reporters when supporting referenda our vying for the lucrative position as a public relations person in our government schools? Ms. Smith has gained financially from her pushing of the passing of the referenda. We ask the residents of District 300 is this how you expected your tax increase to be spent when you voted yes for these referenda?

Here is the introduction to Cal Skinner's post on his BLOG.

8/29/6 - At last night’s school board meeting, Superintendent Ken Arndt welcomed Northwest Herald reporter Allison Smith as the new communications director for District 300.

Smith covered School District 300 for the Northwest Herald during the past referendum and gave the tax hikers fits.

She will be paid $60,707, which has to be a substantial increase from her Northwest Herald salary, where she worked about three years. She starts her new job Sept. 5th.

She must be getting at least a 50% pay hike. And, that’s assuming that the Northwest Herald pays a lot better than I think they do.

Maybe she doubled or almost doubled her salary (as would be the case if she were earning $30,000 before).

There was a good political reason for District 300’s hiring of Allison Smith.

To view the rest of Cal Skinner's piece click here.

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