Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New Century Project - John Kasich Chairman

The information below is from the New Century Project.

"I do not believe that there is any way to fix the public school system without opening it up to competition and parental choice. Our bureaucratic one size fits all public school system has lost its ability to encourage and nurture the uniqueness of each child. What is so radical about the idea of giving parents the power to send their child to the best possible school? I understand that this will bring huge change to our public schools, but I do not fear this change. The only thing I fear is the status quo."

- John Kasich in a speech to the Urban League

The education our nation's children is the most important civil rights issue in America today.

New Century Project supports school choice because it empowers parents to provide a better education for their children. It also increases the accountability of educational institutions and helps to restore local control over schools.

NCP continues to support initiatives and ideas for more accountable education, as well as elected leaders who are fighting for school choice, local control, and more accountability.

Our chairman, John Kasich, has a consistent and ongoing commitment to school choice.

To read more about John Kasich and the New Century Project go to New Century Project website.

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