Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Peyton Wolcott - Helping Parents And Taxpayers Implode Education, Inc.

The following is a link to Peyton Wolcott's website.

These are some of the quotes I have taken directly from her site.

"Education, Inc. and the Big Pot o'Money"

"Education, Inc. is the name I give to the messy intersection of education and
business, the place where noble values collide with greed and ambition--and the
easy grab at life's comforts."

She has a great site with a lot of information on the abuses of schools and the problems that plagues public schools. One of the must reads on this site is an article titled "ERDI Superintendents get $2,000 consulting fees to hobnob with vendors. " A few Illinois superintendents went to this conference.

To view more great information on this site click here.

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