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Unrealistic voucher system

The following letter to the editor appeared in the Northwest Herald.
Not surprising it is from a teacher on government dole.
If public schools are so great teachers and teachers unions should not oppose vouchers. Students and family would not leave the public school system if they were properly educating our children. The writer and the unions must fear vouchers because they know they are inadequate and given the chance students and families would leave the public education system. Opposing vouchers by these groups is about greed.

The following letter to the editor appeared in the NWH.

Unrealistic voucher system

[published on Sat, May 6, 2006]
To the Editor:

Those who would compare private and public schools and who support a state-funded voucher system do not paint a realistic picture.

Such comparisons are invalid because a level playing field does not exist.

For example, private schools are not bound by the federal No Child Left Behind Act, Illinois State Standards, or the Illinois School Code.

Private schools are not required to adhere to any state mandates. Most important, private schools are not required to serve the needs of the physically, emotionally or educationally disadvantaged.

The rules are different. Vouchers will serve only to enhance those differences.

If we assume that a voucher system goes into effect, and as a result, private school enrollments swell, then private schools will choose whom to accept and whom to reject.

The current trend of private schools to deny services and programs to "special" students will continue.

Tax-supported vouchers will not provide a choice for America's neediest students.

Let's stop battering public education, and let's stop perpetuating the myth that private schools are doing a better job.

As an educator for 37 years, I never have been more proud of public education, its teachers and its students.

Robert Doran


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