Monday, May 15, 2006

Tax increase on the way

The following letter to the editor appeared in the Northwest Herald.
The letter speaks for itself.

Well, the elections are over and McHenry District 15 now has the tax increase it wanted, "For the kids."

But wait, the teacher's contract ends this year.

Maybe we can add another step to the pay scale. How much can we increase our pay - 4, 5, 6 percent - the sky's the limit.

After all, we helped pass the referendum so we deserve something.

Maybe we should only ask for a one-year contract and a small 1 or 2 percent increase to make it look good to the public.
Then, next year we can ask for any percent we want, because the public doesn't have much of a long-term memory anyhow.

The spending already has begun.

Teachers, learning center directors and band directors are being hired.

Remember it was your choice to pass this referendum.

Wait until you get your tax bill. This year won't be too bad - but the shock of future bills is on the way.
Janice Jettner

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