Thursday, March 09, 2006

A version of HB750 rears it's ugly head. The education establishments greed never ends and they have the money to buy off both sides of the aisle.

The following was sent to us by Marily Rickert of Fair Tax Now.

I received an alert from my local chamber of commerce which says in part:

On Feb 23, 2005 state Rep. Renee Kosel submitted and is the Chief sponsor of HB 3460 cited as the Local Property Tax Reduction Act which empowers local school districts to propose 2% income tax for schools. This new 2% tax along with the existing 3% state income tax will result in raising our overall income tax burden by 67%.

The Bill provides for the corresponding reduction in property taxes to be temporary if more money is needed by the school district.

This new bill is bad news for privately-owned business owners who reside in a school district that enacts this bill. Corporations are excluded and not subject to this tax, thus making it difficult to compete with owners who reside in a district that does not enact this option against those who live in a district that did.

Marilyn Rickert
It's time to pass the FairTax!
Note: Kosel is a Republican(?) and has a primary challenge

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