Wednesday, February 22, 2006

School board members attack fiscally accountable school board member.

What we glean from the letter to the editor posted in the Daily Herald below is that Mr. Snow did not jump on board with the District 300 tax and spend mentality. It appears to us that D - 300 started nagging the Distrirct 158 board to shut Mr. Snow up. Let us hope he does not listen. If you research Mr. Snow you will find he is the only fiscally accoutable school board member on the District 158 board. Mr. Snow uncovered the fact the school board could take in millions of dollars more than promised the taxpayers among other items. The taxaholics do not like that.

When reviewing the D 300 finances he found millions of dollars in unaccounted for revenue. It appears that D - 300 is doing all they can to make Mr. Snow look bad and shut him up. Yet another reason to vote "no".

The school board members in the letter to the editor below are hypocritical. In 2004, board member Skaja wrote a letter to the editor and signed it as a board member, clearly advocating a yes vote on their referendum. She also
defended CFO Paul Halvorsen who was subsequently lost his job for withholding information from the
public. Her letter is at Election

Then at a board meeting in 2004, the Daily Herald quoted her as saying they were having "informational"
meetings to ensure the referendum passed. You can view that article here.

Further comments about this matter can be viewed at Cal Skinners site McHenry County BLOG

Snow doesn’t speak for Dist.158 board

District 158 board and finance committee member Larry Snow has engaged in speaking at various events both within and outside District 158. Some of the comments he made at these events were published in local papers.

As board members, we would like to clarify that Snow was not speaking on behalf of District 158, the board of education or our finance committee. We regret any damaging effects his comments may have on the staff, students and residents of District 300 and surrounding communities.

Snow also called upon local village officials and accused them of not caring about children. Furthermore, he attempted to mislead them into thinking he was speaking as a representative of District 158. We regret any damaging effects his comments to those officials may have had.

We would like to publicly state that board President Mike Skala and interim Superintendent Robert Hammon are the spokesmen for our board. No one else has been given authority to represent District 158 at public meetings.

We further encourage concerned officials and citizens to contact the board of education through the District 158 administration at (847) 659-6158 regarding any concerns about representations by Snow.

Every citizen, whether a member of an elected board or not, has a right to free speech. However, it is our hope that everyone understands a board of education member has no legal authority as an individual and that board decisions can be made only by a majority vote at a board of education meeting.

We would also like to clarify that we are signing this letter as individual board members.

Frank Coleman, Huntley

Shawn Green, Union

Kim Skaja, Union

Mike Skala, Huntley

Glen Stewart, Huntley

Rosemary Herringer


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