Saturday, February 04, 2006

Questionable Practices of the School Construction Program

Please note the letter below. You may want to take the information in the letter below and send a letter to the Governor, your Senator and your Representative and ask them not to pour any more money into The School Construction Program.

This is a copy of the following message sent to Web-master via Illinois
Senate Republicans

This is an enquiry e-mail via from:
Jeffrey D. Ferguson

I am writing to bring to your attention, a process that must not be allowed to continue. The School Construction Program is riddled with questionable practices. Per CDB records, only 254 of the 497 projects since 1998 were approved by the local voters in their respective district. Our district was one of the 243 that built schools with nothing more than a school board
resolution as authorization, despite a referendum being defeated 71-29%. I have spent the past 35 months researching and documenting the process at the local, regional, and state level. I have also contacted every conceivable state agency, as well as two Senators and the US Attorney's office. Still, Governor Blagojevich is proposing another $500 million be poured in to this Program. We have residents literally being taxed off their property and out of their homes, and the State, at every level, allows it to continue. Enough is enough. We are considering legal action in our district, which will undoubtedly have far reaching implications if we proceed. Our website is I suggest the Illinois GOP educate themselves on this
Program before any consideration is given to additional funding.

Jeffrey D. Ferguson, Chairman
Coalition for Public Awareness

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