Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Money doesn't test well

This letter to the Editor in the January 9, 2006 edition of the NWH speaks for itself. Nice job Vern.

Re: Ted Juske's Jan. 1 letter, "Education not debatable."

His letter has some things backward. Schools do not offer free lunch or free transportation. My taxes pay for those things. Businesses do not chose their clients. Their clients choose them.

Too bad our students can't choose which school to attend.

Beyond a minimum threshold, it doesn't matter how much the school district spends.

According to the 2005 School Report Cards: Central District 51 ($4,438 a student); Aviston District 21 ($4,789); Germantown Hills District 69 ($5,036); Oak Grove District 68 ($5,189); St. Rose District 14-15 ($5,421); Washington District 52 ($5,429); Breese District 12 ($5,545); and Geff District 14 ($5,584) all had a higher percentage of students meeting the state's math and reading standards than Lake Forest's Rondout District 72 ($23,799 a student), at a quarter of the cost.

If Lake Forest residents spend so much because they value education, are they getting their money's worth?

If your business puts out an inferior product at four times the cost of your competitors, how long will you stay in business?

Vern R. Klenz


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