Monday, November 07, 2005

K-12 Brainwashing

Recently we came across a new NEWS source that you may want to add to your daily reading list called Education News.Org
. We found a link to the below article at in

K-12 Brainwashing
By Ari Kaufman | November 4, 2005
It is no longer a secret that many public and private universities are populated by professors who use their classrooms to recruit students to their political agendas. But while the politicization of the universities is now common knowledge, an even more distressing instance of this abuse is to be found in the nation’s K-12 schools.

I have that on good authority. I have been a teacher in Los Angeles-area elementary and middle schools and have witnessed first hand how students who are younger and more impressionable are being regularly indoctrinated by leftwing teachers. Having worked in a number of different school districts over the past five years, from the well-to-do Palisades to the hardscrabble Watts neighborhood, I can further attest that cases of indoctrination occur far more often than many would believe possible. For the complete article go to .

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